iDa is a map-based social network for communication in the real world!


Map for life

Have you ever wondered how cool it is in computer games to have a map on which all the interesting places, events and characters are marked?

We suggest you get that cool map for real life:


How does it work?

People create places , events and movements.

They can be accessible to everyone or by invitation only.


Local Communities

Users have a list of interests that allows to automatically match Communities with people around.


What's on the map?


Public or Private

track_changes Use public places to know who's playing football nearby

directions Use private places for quick navigation to relatives and friends


Public or Private

wifi_tethering Use public events to invite everyone in the area

person_pin_circle Use private events to facilitate your meetings


Communities, Groups and Movements

share Connect with people with the same interests in your area

group Use groups to share your location with relatives and friends

directions_bike Use movements to let everyone around join your bike ride


Our stats:

person Users: {{ usersCount }}

share Communities: {{ tagChainsCount }}

home Home: {{ placesCount['_0'] }}

favorite Health: {{ placesCount['_2'] }}

insert_emoticon Amusement: {{ placesCount['_6'] }}

local_cafe Food & Drinks: {{ placesCount['_1'] }}

shopping_cart Shopping: {{ placesCount['_5'] }}

local_florist Nature: {{ placesCount['_3'] }}

local_library Culture: {{ placesCount['_4'] }}

more_horiz Other: {{ placesCount['_99'] }}