Terms of service

1. Scope of Service

Ivanov Alexander Nikolaevich IP, (hereinafter iDa), located in Panfilova 4 - 20, 125080, Moscow, Russia offers it’s users, through its brand iDa, its website https://i-da.me and mobile application (available on the Apple App Store and the Android Google Play Store), the free service of social network and online communication based on users location. The service offered by iDa is not supplier-dependend. Section headings and subsections have no legal meaning, they serve only for clarification. In case of ambiguity or the clashing of several contract languages, Russian is the determining language.

2. System requirements; costs

Users have to dispose over an internet connection in order to use the iDa service. Using the iDa service underlie to no extra costs for private individual users.

3. The user's obligation to cooperate

Users are required, both during account registration, as well as when using any service provided in the context of the iDa brand, to give complete and truthful information. The user has to communicate any unauthorized use of iDa services when he/she identifies such occurring, with regard to his/her account or in general. For this purpose, the user can contact support@i-da.me.

Users are not allowed to create content of the following character:

4. Warranty

The user is aware that unlimited availability of iDa’s services is not technically possible. iDa endeavors to keep its services available as much as possible, at the very least, 90% of the time. Especially included within this is maintenance, safety, and capacity work on the website, which iDa carries out only as needed and at times of low-usage. In addition, included within this are unrestricted events which lie outside of iDa’s power, especially disruptions to public communications networks and power outages, which could lead to compulsory short-term disruptions or to temporary stoppage of services. iDa assumes no responsibility for third-party services.

5. Liability

The user is responsible for the correctness and completeness of the data provided on his/her personal account. iDa has no influence on the correctness and completeness of data. iDa assumes no responsibility for the correctness, completeness, or current status of the data.

iDa is excluded from liability for damages to the user from a mediation contract, as long as the damage is caused by slight negligence. This does not apply if an obligation was breached, which the contract in accordance with its meaning and purpose must grant or the fulfillment of which make the proper execution of the contract possible and the fulfillment of which the user can regularly rely upon. To the extent that iDa’s liability cannot be legally or contractually excluded, the claim for compensation is limited to foreseeable damages (value of the calculated benefit) typical for this type of contract. The liability restrictions shall not apply in cases of injury to life, limb, or health, in cases of gross negligence or intent on the part of employees, agents, or legal representatives of iDa as well as legally provided liability without fault or guarantees granted.

iDa assumes no responsibility for any of accidents which may happen by meeting other users of the service.

6. Customer service

The user can, subject to availability according to § 4, get in contact with iDa customer service at any time through the https://i-da.me or by sendin email to support@i-da.me.

7. Changes to iDa’s terms and conditions

iDa is entitled to change these terms of use. iDa only has this right when the changes are reasonable for the user, taking into account mutual interests. If the users continues using the application after the changes being made in these terms, it means that the user agrees with these changes. Hence the user obliges to regularly review the terms located at https://i-da.me/tos. If the user does not agree with the modifications, he can object to these by writing to support@i-da.me.

8. Final provisions

Applicable Law

Russian Federation law applies to these terms and conditions and all legal relations between the user and iDa. The law of the domicile of the consumer can be applicable in business transactions with consumers within the Russian Federation, provided it concerns mandatory consumer rights provisions.

Severability clause

In the event that any provision of these terms is invalid or unenforceable or should become invalid or unenforceable after the contract is concluded, the validity of the remaining provisions of this agreement remain unaffected. An invalid or unenforceable provision shall be replaced by valid and enforceable provisions, which come as close as possible to the economic objectives which the parties of the contract intended with the original invalid and/or unenforceable provision.

Last update: 2018-07-11.