iDa Data Privacy policy

1. Scope of application

This Data Privacy Policy applies to the services provided at the iDa website ( and its sub-sites, as well as the iDa mobile application (available on the Apple App Store and the Android Google Play Store), operated by Ivanov Alexander Nikolaevich IP, Panfilova 4 - 20, 125080, Moscow, Russia.

We take user privacy and the use of all users’ personal information very seriously and will only use the information provided by users in accordance with the iDa Data Privacy Policy. We will not sell, rent, or provide any of our user’s personal data to third parties or any other entities, outside of the iDa service. We hold and transmit our user’s personal information within a safe, confidential, and secure environment, and all data provided by users is stored on certified servers located in St. Louis, Missouri, USA.

The iDa Data Privacy Policy explains you in detail, what information is collected about you; what is the purpose of the data collection, and how it is used; as well as how this data is stored. Furthermore, it will also be explained to you how you can:

2. Data collection

Ivanov Alexander Nikolaevich IP through its service iDa collects your personal information, provided by you (the user) voluntarily, in order to provide you with our service(s), including but not limited to registering and administering your personal, protected iDa account, which you need to set up in order to be able to use iDa’s service(s).

You can register with your email address/phone/VK/Google account in iDa mobile application, in order to create your personal iDa account.

You account information is uploaded and stored on secure iDa server (see 3. Usage of collected data).

You can enter your name/surname/sex when registering and edit it in iDa mobile application.

Your name/surname/sex/age is publicly available to anyone who opens your profile in iDa's website or mobile application.

You can also provide access to your contacts which will be used to find existing users in the system.

By linking your VK account, you also provide access to your friend list, which will be used to find existing users in the system.

Your phone number may be displayed to the users who already know it (having it on their devices).

You can enable location sharing with specific Users, Groups and Communities.

You can also enable sharing of your location by creating/joining a Movement.

When adding a Place/Event to your map, you have an option to check-in automatically so that other Place/Event subscribers may be notified when you are around. However, your location will not be shown to them. You can also restrict check-in notifications to your contacts only.

When creating Movement, your location is available to all users of iDa if "Visible to all" switch is enabled.

Information about Public ("Visible to all" switch is enabled) Places/Events/Movements is publicly available.

As our product might further develop and change over time, we will change or expand these options, which will be included in this Data Privacy Policy.

3. Usage of collected data

The account registering and submission of data in order to use the iDa service is voluntary. If you complete your personal protected account by filling in your data, we save your data on servers of the Ionica LLC located in Russia, 115191, Moscow, Mytnaya, 66 bld.

We do not share or sell any of our user’s personal data with to any other third party.

4. Access to personal user information

The access to information gathered and stored through the iDa service is only accessible by Ivanov Alexander Nikolaevich IP authorized personnel.

Information on users location is only used by the system to provide services available to users and never by any person including administration of the service.

5. Further information and deleting your account and all data

You can at any time view the data you provided within your profile details. You can also request a list and overview of your personal data that we store. If you wish to receive the list via email, please send us an email with “request personal information” in the subject line to We will mail you your requested list to the email address linked to your account.

If you wish to have your personal account and all your data deleted, you can do so in your profile settings inside the iDa application.

For any further questions regarding data processing or any other information you might seek, you can contact us directly via

Last update: 2024-02-20.